Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Motivated Mommies- It's More Then Just a Recource Website

Hello Motivated Mommies, Thanks so stopping by to read my latest post. :o)

So, A lot has been happening here at Motivated Mommies, I am in the process of branding my company and instead of helping a small community of Mom's, I've actually been connecting with Mom's across the globe- Which when you think about it, is pretty Amazing! My little vision has that I had over 12 years ago turned into something that took me a few more years to understand myself!

I started this company a little backwards! First came the concept, then the name and then the Idea for the website! It was supposed to be a Reputable Resource site that Mom's just like you and me could get information on obtaining an income, weather it be at home or finding a flexible job that you could do while raising your children. Then came the education part of it, I've always wished that I had a degree, so after completing a "Correspondence Course" (at home) and getting certified as a Real Estate Appraiser. I started doing more research and found out about Online Universities, So I knew that I wanted to offer information on that as well.

It wasn't until I started looking at other sites out there and comparing them to mine, that I knew I had to take it up a notch. Mom's were visiting my site, but leaving shortly after getting what they needed. So, I started attending some networking events, that was one of the best things that I could have ever done! Attending Tory Johnson's Spark & Hustle change my life! The people that I met, the stories that I heard. I mean, you could really feel the depth of the passion that these women had for their business, products and or services. It took me less then 5 minutes to know that I was in the right place! My only regret was not attending a long time ago...

That is when I had my Aha Moment! I always thought that I'd like to Brand my business someday. But I had no idea how or if it was even possible to do so! Since Spark & Hustle, I've done a lot of thinking, planning, researching and most of all Soul Searching!

I've finally realized that I can do and be so much more then a Mom who runs a "Mom Based resource website". I finally figured out how I can help Mom's just like me to take their Passion and turn it into a business or help them realize that it is possible to produce a product worth bringing to market!

I want to help Mom's take their passion to the next level, By making it a reality!
That is what I realized and I want to do everything that I can to help you realize that too! Until Next time- Stay Motivated Xoxo ~Tina

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